About me and my blog

About me and my blog

During my participation in a protest against domestic abuse by Lebanese women rights NGOs

During my participation in a protest against domestic abuse by Lebanese women rights NGOs

Yeghia Tashjian holds BA degree in Political Science from Haigazian University. He has been elected from 2012-2013 the President of Haigazian University Political Science Society. During his era the Society was able to organize exhibition and lectures about women rights by KAFA and a training program by Permanent Peace Movement. In summer 2012, he was granted the opportunity to participate in Vienna International Christian Islamic Summer University where he developed skills in inter-religious and cultural dialogue with other students from different countries.

Starting August 2012 he started to work as research assistant at Haigazian University Armenian Diaspora Research Center and participated in many of its conferences and gave presentation about the Lebanese Armenian community.

In December 2013, Tashjian participated in workshop conference “Popular Culture and Resistance in MENA” at Marburg University (Germany) at the Islamic and Near Eastern Center of Studies. Where he had presented his research about “Popular Culture and Lifestyles of the Syrian Uprising” and is currently working on this project.

In addition he had participated and been active in many political acts regarding women rights, inter-religious dialogue, and inter-political party dialogues. His articles and research papers have been published in many newspapers and blogs (Lebanon, Armenia, Austria and Turkey) in both Armenian and English. As a blogger, in his articles, Yeghia tries to show both views of the conflicting sides and makes scientific analysis on the political developments of the MENA region. He is expert in Armenian Turkish relations, Turkish foreign policy, Lebanese Armenian community, Syrian Crisis and Political Islam.

As the Armenian and Turkish relations took a political path, Tashjian wanted to create a forum that Armenians and Turkish students, academics and journalists can interact and discuss the dark history of the Armenian Genocide and how to build a just relation. Thus “The New Eastern Politics” online forum was founded by him on Facebook in 2010, later founded the blog (neweasternpolitics.wordpress.com) in 2011. His networking and communicational abilities helped him to interact with many journalists and students to submit their articles and research studies and publish them. Yeghia’s blog is one of the few blogs that give chance to academics to publish their works freely, thus the blog does not take sides and presents the views of both conflicting sides as long as the study follow a just, respectful and peaceful ideas and opinions.

About the evolutionary background of my NEP blog and facebook group, please check Yeghia’s lecture at Haigazian University.  (https://neweasternpolitics.wordpress.com/2013/11/03/beyond-the-borders-evolution-of-the-new-eastern-politics-by-yeghig-tahjian/)

For those who like to join the group and participate in political discussions: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/neweasternpolitics/)


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