Critical and analytic political articles representing different views of different nations. Authors must be members of “The New Eastern Politics” Facebook group, where they are usually free to choose topics , as long as the articles doesn’t contain words full of insults and racial or religious expressions. Members are also free to analyze the problems of Middle East, South Caucasus and North Africa …such as Armenian-Turkish problem, Armenian Genocide, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Russia’s role in the Caucasus, Turkish foreign policy in the region, Iran’s nuclear program, Saudi Arabia’s role in the region, Saudi-Irani competition,conflicts in the Arab world, Arab Spring, religious conflicts, ethnic disputes in the region (kurdish,Baloch…) Palestine-Israel conflict, instability in Iraq, regional terrorism, religious fundamentalism, Jewish nationalism, minority rights (Assyrians, Copts…)…in addition members also should try to give solutions for these conflicts by developing win-win or compromise solution theories.

The purpose of this blog is to strengthen and develop diplomatic skills, participate in discussions and make a debate about these issues, overcome on the conflicts, accepting and tolerating and respecting the opposite views and suggesting new ideas, and negotiating for a peaceful solutions.

Our group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/neweasternpolitics/

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