Lethal Repercussions of Appeasing Policies (By Madeleine Mezagopian)

16 Feb

Lethal Repercussions of Appeasing Policies


Have today’s unparalleled terrorism and barbarism been created or it has been given the slow awakening kiss over decades?

Yes, the appalling atrocities and its declared and undeclared proponents itself indicate the enormity of the mentality disorders and ailments prevalent in the region.  But deprivation, suppression, persecution or appeasement turned considerable number of youth into mere criminals?

Conspiracy theory; Zionist-Israeli schemes, neo-imperialism, abject poverty and absence of social justice, inter alia, were borrowed to explain if not horrendously justify the appalling crimes currently committed against humanity at large.

Number of observers anxiously observed over the years how governing actors appeased local extremists in disguise to secure their own survival and hegemony, while limiting if not cancelling the space for the enlightened ideologies, the progressive thoughts and its advocates in the Arab World, who surely would have avoided the region painfully striving for its survival and credibility as violence and terrorism devoid segment of the international society. The light was eclipsed in the Arab World, while darkness was given all the space to expand freely and shape local mentalities and educational system which promoted non-tolerance, exclusion and dismissed critical thinking and innovation.

With worrying concern, the miscalculated approaches towards containing communism and later locating reliable future partners by key international actors, even if it meant partnership with and appeasing fundamentalists were detected. Moving from international politics into intra-state developments, great world actors embraced the policy of local rulers in supporting if not adopting dark forces to secure their own presence and interests in the region. While regional and international institutions, with their own structural deficits and innate bigoted elements, fell short of recognizing the growing extremism and fundamentalism in the Middle East, rather they appeased counter freedom forces within their futile attempts to promote democracy.

Today, Jordan, like many Arab countries, is in mourning for the tragic fate of a member of its military apparatus and for all the lost souls who fell for fanaticism and extremism.

Tomorrow, like the world at large, Jordan will have no option but hand in hand with all the local enlightened forces to reshape its policies towards uprooting deformed mentalities through reforming all the elements that form peoples’ attitudes and perceptions.

Reversing the lethal repercussions of the appeasing policies warrants local, regional and international actors to concert efforts and annihilate the monster they revived, the monster that kept transforming itself over decades with it converting the youth into ruthless creatures.

Madeleine Mezagopian is academic Researcher, adviser and analyst in Peace/Conflict Resolution and Socioeconomic and political Development

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