Supporting Armenians and Kurds in Turkey (by Kareem Abdel Al-Salam- Translated by Katia Peltekian)

24 Aug


It is clear that Mr. Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, does not know the Egyptian proverb, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw bricks at others.”

Despite Turkey’s brutal history in dealing with minorities and dissidents such as the Armenians, and Kurds, and despite the excessive violence committed by the Erdogan-Gul party against the demonstrators in Taksim Square, Turkish Prime Minister insists on sticking his nose in the affairs of others and getting involved in the internal politics of other countries, making him a dishonest political adversary, and degrading his position as prime minister.

Erdogan has suddenly become an active player in the Egyptian branch of the Moslem Brotherhood, fighting their battles and calling their adversaries futile. As Prime Minister, not only is he expressing political opinions regarding the Egyptian situation, constantly voicing his and his Party’s position, but he is also leading a campaign at all levels in Europe to discredit the Revolution of June 30 and the will of the Egyptian people. He even goes further demanding financial and military support to the Brotherhood’s terrorism and the suspension of all aid to Egypt. If Recep Erdogan bet on his narrow partisan
ideologies at the expense of Turkish interests with Egypt, he is free to do so, and the Turks are the only people who can hold him accountable for his decisions. But if he has decided to penalize the Egyptian people and intervene in Egyptian matters, then this is when we must confront him with what he deserves.

We must hold him accountable for the weapons shipments that he smuggles through Libya to reach the terrorists who are killing our soldiers in the Sinai and our people in all the provinces; it is his plan to apply the Syrian scenario and ignite chaos and a civil war in Egypt.

We must hold Erdogan accountable and punish him for hosting the suspicious conference held by the International Organization of Moslem Brotherhood, which was attended by members of several Western intelligence and the Israeli Mossad, and which concluded with the need to execute major operations in Egypt that would cause dozens of victims, in order to provide a justification and a pretext for the conspiring countries to intervene in Egypt in one way or another.

We must hold Erdogan accountable for declaring an intelligence war against the Egyptians, and for his and his party’s quest to incite the EU countries to stop aid to Egypt.

But we have to ask ourselves, how can we cause harm to Erdogan and to Turkey, so that this terrorist kneels to us and understands that God is right?

First, there must be an all-out war on all Turkish products from TV dramas to clothes & garments, from the iron that Ankara is trying to drown us in to Turkish tourism, one of the most important sources of income for Turkey, which has become a favorite tourist destinations for Egyptians and Arabs.

Second, Egypt must not declare war against Turkey alone; an Arab alliance to bring Turkey to its knees must be formed, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait. The aim of this alliance would be to disseminate the idea that Arab boycott of all Turkish products is synonymous with Arab dignity, and which sets an example against any country that targets an Arab state in any possible way.

Third, Arab countries in the anti-Turkey alliance must adopt policies that support the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Kurds’ right for complete independence on their national lands occupied by Turkey, together with the call to recognize the PKK internationally and remove it from the list of the international terrorist organizations.

Fourth, the Arab states and Egypt must recognize the Armenian accounts of the events of 1915, which assert the organized crimes of genocide committed against the Armenians in 1915. In addition the Arab states must adopt a resolution to establish memorials to the victims of the massacres in every Arab capital.

Believe me, Erdogan will kneel, he will even crawl afterwards to ask for forgiveness from Egypt & the Arabs, of course if he stays in his position.

Al-Youm Al-Sabeh [The Seventh Day], Egypt
Aug 22 2013
By Kareem Abdel Al-Salam

original source (Arabic):
Thursday, August 22, 2013
[Translated from Arabic exclusively for Groong Armenian News Network by Katia M. peltekian]

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