What is Looking the Vassal of Bosporus in Syria? ( By Sait Cetinoglu)

3 Jan

What is looking the Vassal of Bosporus in Syria?

To predict what will be the future of the Middle East, being at the eastern edge of the Byzantium civilization, is like writing on water surface. According to this, it is very difficult to say something on the future of the region. However it is quite easy to say what is looking Turkey in the region. Here we will talk on this easy to speak issue. What is looking the vassal of Bosporus in Syria? Turkey based on its foundation treaty signed in 1923 which assigned the role of vassal of Bosporus is present in Syria. It is very difficult for a vassal to pursue independent policy. Turkey is obliged to carry out the given orders. Because of this, Turkish Prime Minister has not any hesitation to attack the person he gave to him the award of “human rights” and made Turkey an attack base against Syrian regime. The Prime Minister of Turkey has declared as enemy, the person he had family holidays with him. Without the drying of the ink of the documents of the common Ministerial Councils taken place together with his “family friend”, the Prime Minister of Turkey did everything possible to overthrow his ex-friend from power.

The Geopolitical Importance of the Region
The new Turkey was organized by the Anglo-Saxon Colonialism policy to act as the guardian of the region as a buffer state between England and Soviet Union. Turkey is a vassal state, between the geographical parallels of 30 to 36 degrees and the meridians extending between the Aegean costs and the eastern borders with Soviet Union. The geostrategic importance of the region is not only today. The geopolitical importance of the Mediterranean Sea commerce roots, together with the island Cyprus, historically is very old. The theory of the geostrategic importance of the region has been formulated and developed two Anglo-Saxon geopolitics geographers Sir Halford Mackinder (1861-1947) and Nicholas Spykman (1893-1943). The geostrategic importance of the region has been designed early in twenty century and still is in place.
Opening a parenthesis here for Greece, I want to mention the importance of the present actions of Germany, as the European vassal of Colonialism, for a third time during the last 100 years of trying to kneel down Greece. Merkel today is aiming to capitulate, driving to chaos Greece, which has resisted and not accepted the German domination at the two World Wars. The resistance of the Hellenic people against the Colonial capitulation and subjection is the hope of the whole humanity. According to this view, “Syria” is not only Syria and also “Greece” is not only Greece.
Together with its continental shelf, this region is the instability point of the NATO Southern flank. The strong interest of the Anglo-Saxon Colonialism to control the region has been continuous, during the whole 20th Century, with its peak being during the Cold War era.
The importance of keeping control of this region is not only because its ancient international trade roots, but primarily being the crossing node of the energy distribution networks.
This policy aims to keep and strengthening the control of the roots leading to energy sources. We have many reasons to believe the validity even today of the statement of the top advisor of USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt, A.A. Berlie, who said: “The State being able to control the energy sources of the Middle East is able to control the economy of the world”. The eastern end of the region corresponds to the major areas of hydrocarbon transfer pipelines, such as the end points of the planned in one of the new distribution stations. These pipelines are: (1) the pipeline starting of Baku passing through Tbilisi and ending in Ceyhan, since not passing of Russian soil has a very high importance for the Colonial power. (2) The pipeline crossing Syria starting of Kirkuk passing Mosul and ending Haifa. (3) The pipeline ending in Turkish soil as Iskenderun (Alexandrata – Yumurtalik) coming from Kirkuk – Mosul and (4) the project of Blue Flow. The possibility of change of the controlling status of the Middle East region, which were drawn intentionally during the Second World War and kept with much care to control the world status, is a serious threat to the global sovereignty project. Washington planed the Second World War started in 1939 to end with the doubles world domination of USA. The high level officials of the State Department, during the War, carried out extensive plans on the post war world status. The geographical regions belonging to the old British Empire, including Western hemisphere, Far East and Middle East which possesses much energy resources, were defined as the “Greatest Geography” to be under the sovereignty of USA. During the period, just after repelling of the Nazi forces at the gates of Stalingrad, the “Greatest Geography” was extended to include Western European economical regions and Eurasian Zones. This “Great Geography” which has been planned by USA declaring its activity area will be determined in the context of its global strategy, while keeping for “itself” to determine the boundaries of the imposition of sovereignty” by using force, based on attaining military and economic superiority aiming to achieve “unquestionable superiority”. The plans prepared during the War years and just after, put in implementation immediately. Because of this reason, the destabilization of Syria has a wide geopolitical perspective. The Great Geography doctrine, allows, if it is required, military operations. The invasion and occupation of Iraq, was carried out based on this doctrine. USA and its allies they are firm to take any necessary action to prevent the establishment of a true democracy in Arabic geography. Colonialism is planning to develop a new generation of rulers in the region. A significant part of the Greatest Geography is the wider middle east region for which presently, a detailed Colonialist policy is being designed. The question to be asked is, what is the calamity role of the Republic of Turkey in this project known as the “Great Middle East” aiming to establish the control and sovereignty of Colonial Powers in the region starting from Morocco and ending at the Central Asia and from Syria to Africa Horn.

Alawite distribution in the Levant

Alawite distribution in the Levant

What is dreaming the Vassal?

In addition to the plans of the new Colonialism for the region, the Vassal has a special interest in case of Syria: the memory of a bitter defeat. Syria lies on the lands that Ottomans lost in the First World War and were retreating. As in Balkan countries, Syria was lost without firing even a single bullet, in a time of few days. As it is known, the 1912 Balkan defeat was used as an excuse of that time Turkish nationalism aggressiveness, today after one century the loss of Balkan land is also uses as an argument to justify the first greatest genocide of the 20nty Century, which is revised every day, carried out by the aggressive Turkish Nationalism. Although the Vassal was able to re-occupy part of the lost land by the annexation of the province under name of Hatay (Antiocheia) in 1939, didn’t forget the lost lands as in the case of Balkans. Surely we could say that the Vassal has not forgotten the lands promised by Hitler during the Second World War, but not able to acquire because of its diffidence. Independently of those dreaming to pray at the Umerye Mosque in Damascus, one cannot refrain of thinking the reason of Syrian issue to be an internal problem, if the lands of Syria were not promised to be given to the Vassal. Another historical instant is related to the 1982 events in Hama. The fact that the leader of the junta of 12/9/2012 Kenan Evren trained and equipped these groups and the massive scale massacre of them by the Baath regime isn’t a fact of involvement. Because of all these reasons, the interests of the Colonial powers and of the Vassal are coinciding. However factors were not considered before, are affecting the developments and are preventing the victory of Colonial powers. The Vassal of Bosporus has placed all its hopes to the international bandit attitude, dreaming to overthrow in few weeks the Syrian regime and opening the road to Damascus, in short time by the new Ottoman Sultan. The resistance shown by the official and civil entities of Syrian state against the paid bandit groups, which are acting using bases inside the Turkish soil, is the devastating the plans of the Vassal and a result is leading the Vassal being more aggressive and limitless.
Is any advantage of Syria?
Many things could be said for Arabs, but surely no one can say that they don’t understand politics. It is accepted that Syria is the best player of the region, in terms of diplomacy and politics. Because of this reason, the Ne-Colonialism is not being able to obtain the desired result, despite its many efforts, Syria was able, using balance politics, to become a strong player of the region and despite of its limited resources was able to stay on foot. The strength of Syria comes because its preparedness for decades against the Colonial powers and Israel (who according to the treaty signed in 2005 effectively is a NATO member) as well Saudi Arabia and has a strong bureaucracy, army, intelligence and paramilitary organizations. One of the significant difference and superiority of Syria, as compared to other countries of the region, is that despite the strict sanctions lasting half century, it has a satisfactory self-economy and this embargo has not kneel down Syria. The social support and subsidiaries given by the administration prevented the collapse of the Syrian people. The basic food goods are being distributed free of charge to the people or sold with a symbolic price. Assad who is declared now as dictator, has at least the 70% support of the people of Syria and this explains why had not fallen.
The evident role of Turkey as the Vassal of straights, continuing the duties assigned to it, has been well exposed. The Vassal, acting under the orders of Colonialists, to improve the relations with Iran in near past, now has entered into a stiff open completion with Iran.
Here the aim is showing a new face to region people to strengthen the interest of the Colonialists. The artificial tension with Israel is also part of this scenario. It is time now to fall down the masks and this scenario to be put on the shelf.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The Duties of the Vassal and the stopping point.
The event in Syria is an armed revolt supported by the foreign powers, by Turkey and Israel as collaborator states of Colonialists, while U.S.A. is behind the curtain. The armed revolt, to which Islamist groups are taken place, is coordinated from Turkish soil. The Syrian free Army constituted of the opposition forces to Assad regime, has an internet site declaring their headquarters is on the province of Hatay/Turkey and a Turkish mobile phone is given as contact. The State Department openly expressed his support to the revolt and the Colonial authorities almost every 15 days visit Turkey to give orders and assess the situation in Syria. As long as the assigned role to the Vassal is not going to be changed, there will be no alteration of its stopping/stopped position and on this respect nothing changed on the duties assigned just after the Lausanne Treaty of 1923. The Vassal stays in the very same position as a symbol of stability. It stays at a place which is allowed by its Vassal role. Moreover this role has been strengthened after the joining of Turkey together with Greece NATO which is a pact of aggression. Whenever the region states initiated an anti-colonialist struggle against the Western powers, Turkey always has been on the side of Colonialists and making the same today. Turkey was among the first to support of “the bringing of democracy” to Syria. Hoverer the human rights record of the Vassal is very problematic. Starting from the Kurdish issue which resulted into 40 thousands deaths, the Alevis, the non-Muslim minorities, a state which was unable to solve these problems and those with its neighbors, cannot convince anybody that wants to give lessons on human rights issues to other states. Turkey till today is uninterested to the human rights abuses in Syria and it is very difficult to count the size of the human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are collaborating openly with Turkey on the Syrian issue. Moreover Turkey is the only country not being able to see the human rights violations and the horror carried out by the members of the “Free Syrian Army”.
In fact, the destabilization plan of Syria was waiting for 10 years in the military agenda of USA-NATO and Israel. The attack to Syria Is a part of a wider operation plan and constitutes a milestone of a “road map”. According to the statements of ex-NATO General Staff Commander Wesley Clark, the Pentagon military program of USA Command Staff targeted the countries: Iraq, Libya and Lebanon. General Wesley Clark in his book entitled “Winning Modern Wars”- “the 5 years campaign plan for 7 countries starting of Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan”, openly states the followings: “when I returned permanently to my post in Pentagon in November 2011, I had a short meeting with a member of high command staff. An officer told to me: “Yes, soon we are planning the attack to Iraq. This issue has been discussed as a 5 years campaign. In this plan, starting of Iraq, the attack to 7 countries is foreseen”. Different strategies will be implemented depending on each case of country. This is why Turkey is participating actively, with such a zeal and insistence to the attacks and is feeding the fire in Syria. The leverage role of Turkey, in case of Syria, is part of the plan of applying different strategies for each country case. The previous period strategy of USA was the shock strategy. After a very strong air bombardment, the regime under attack was collapsing. Countries being important to USA geostrategic-geopolitical hegemony were devastated with this shock strategy; such has been the cases of Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. However, although devastating these countries didn’t prevent the USA to stick into the mud in these places. This attitude of USA, reminds what Mao once said: “Although imperialists pull up a huge stone this falls on their foot”. Under this circumstances and the international balance of powers, the pursuit of the shock strategy is not possible anymore and instead of this a chaos strategy by driving the attacked country to internal turmoil is utilized. In this strategy the imperialist power is not at the front but the Vassal appears openly in the scene. This strategy after being used in Libya, by utilizing the European vassals through Turkey, stared the implementation in Syria. But unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, the collapse of the regime will not to be succeeded by a strong bombardment and attack, but instead by driving the country into chaos by inducing armed revolts and inflicting a civil war making use of ethnic-religious and sectarian differences. The coordination of this program was assigned to Turkey. The modus operandi of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey originates from this assigned role by the Imperialist power. The key objective of this plan, being implemented with the open aggression of Turkey, is to destabilize Syria and create an armed revolt by the integration of Islamist militia to lead into a “regime change”.
However, those have undertaken with much zeal to carry out their assigned duties, when they see this was not a so easy task, they became more aggressive. They don’t refrain to be involved openly in the clashes. As Assad is resisting the attacks will get stronger. The question is whether these services of the Vassal are being recognized by the colonialists? No, the loudly speaking of Erdogan to microphones and the return of Davutoglu from all missions with empty hands and the non-experienced second largest of NATO army has become nothing more than a source of jokes internationally.
At this point, Assad is resisting against the colonialists. As the process extends in time and the dust being scattered, the “Arab Spring” is seen to be a False Spring and being a Colonialist project aiming to grasp the natural gas resources of the Middle East. In future the resistance of the people of Middle East will get stronger. The awaking of the people, in real sense, will decrease the international support to international bandits.
The time is working against the Colonialists in Syria.

Sait Cetinoglu

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