Extremism, Islamophobia and the Lies Told (By Edward Randolph)

28 Dec

Islamophobia, like other kinds of bigotry that is directed at religions, try and use different aspects of “said religion” against the followers as means to putting them down. A clear example is from the Holy Quran Common mistakes by Islamophobes when using the Quran to back up their claims is that they think, unlike other religious books, that the Koran is meant to be taken literally and that it is not full of symbolism and analogies. This is one of their many mistakes. The Koran itself tells how it is full of symbolism and analogies as seen in 2:12.

Islamophobes try to ignore the fact that books like the Bible talk about violent means, as seen in Samuel 15:3 which command the killings of the children of disbelievers. And those Islamophobes who attempt to confront this try to convince people that violent texts in the Bible should not be as hideous as those in the Quran.

Bigots and Islamaphobes try to cause an illusion that Islam and its holy Book are against democracy and freedom speech and expression. This idea has fueled much Islamaphobia in Europe and United States causing the belief that Islam is out to destroy the governments in place and replace them with totalitarian governments run by Sharia (Islamic) law. This claim is an illusion, if we look at the reality of some Muslim countries. Even after the Arab Spring which allowed for many Islam based political groups to sprout roots, there is only a few Muslim countries with impose their Sharia within their constitution.. So it is a wonder of how Sharia, if not even in most Muslim Socities there is no constituency for imposing Sharia, would even be implemented into countries like Europe and the United States where there is even less constituency for imposing Sharia. So it is a wonder how there is any threat at all of Sharia to the western world.

During the Egyptian revolution; a Christian-Islamic solidarity

During the Egyptian revolution; a Christian-Islamic solidarity

Along with the illusion of threat against the governmental systems of the free world, Islamaphobes like to argue that Islam is out to destroy other religions that it wishes for the spread of its religion, for it is a wonder of what religion doesn’t wish the spread to more possible believers. Though wishing to spread, the idea that Islam seeks the destruction of other beliefs is ridiculous which can be proven wrong with a quick visit back to the Quran. 2:256 it says “There shall be no compulsion in religion.” Mohammad, P.B.U.H., during his travels through the Arabia peninsula encountered Christian tribes who took care of him and feed him along his travels treated the Christians as brothers and sisters calling them Arab family. The act extermination of other religions is what can be found in extremism.

It is good to know that in Middle East where the majority of extremism is found these people have not been educated on how to read, they base what they know is in the Quran by the teachings of either their parents or local preacher. These teachings can easily be manipulated and changed by the speaker. Extremists usually are not aware of the true teaching of Quran. It is also good to note where the majority of women abuses are seen. If you over-lapped a map of uneducated Muslims and a map of abused women rights you would find a pattern.

Extremism is found in all religions. What causes this? The creations of cults and terrorists groups usually fundamentally form around true facts surrounding a religion but always have facts that are not from the religion as well. The LRA or Lord’s Resistance Army is a extremist religion groups fighting in central Africa under the belief that their leader, Kony, was chosen by God to bring about a new government in Nigeria. What brings us to believe that facts not originally apart of the religion most be true when mixed with true parts of the religion? Perhaps this is a part of the mental behavior of a human that is sometimes used by car sales men or retail. The sales person would sometimes say for you to keep an open mind and to ask for you to compare to other places, this gives the illusion that what fallows most be true.

One thing is for sure, Islamophobia and Extremism walk hand in hand as they use both misguiding tactics and lies to insight fear and to empower there illusions.

By Edward Randolph

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