Statement of Armenians in Solidarity with Gaza

26 Nov

Statement of Armenians in Solidarity with Gaza

The 8-day Israeli military onslaught on Gaza left over 158 Palestinians dead, of which 25% were children. The situation in Palestine reminds us of our own history. We as Armenians who have experienced Genocide, forced deportations, and ethnic cleansing, also feel the pain that our Palestinian brothers and sisters are experiencing. The enemy that is murdering our brothers and sisters in Palestine is also arming Azerbaijan to murder the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh whom are fighting for the self-determination of their homeland, therefore our enemy is the same and we both belong to the same sacred cause; dignity, freedom and liberation.

We call our Palestinian brothers and sister to continue their struggle and to stay on their lands and overcome on their political divisions since in unity there is power. The latest victory proved that when Palestinians of Gaza, West Bank and the Occupied lands united, the enemy trembled and demanded a ceasefire.
We also urge the international community to step in and penalize Israel’s repeated hostility towards the Palestinians, to bring an end to the siege and blockade on Gaza, the liberation of all Palestinian territories, and the assurance of right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

As we mourn our Palestinian martyrs of the latest Israeli assaults, we encourage Palestinians to maintain their strength and courage. Because in the end we all know that justice cannot be buried, because there are always freedom fighters who will continue carry the torch of the resistance till the lands are liberated. Long live Palestine, long live the Palestinian-Armenian brotherhood, and long live resistance against all oppressors.

Armenians justice for Palestine


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