Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations: Vote in Support of the Palestinian Statehood Bid

22 Sep

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations: Vote in Support of the Palestinian Statehood Bid

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November 29, 2012


H.E. Mr. Garen Nazarian

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations

With the United Nations General Assembly vote on Palestinian Statehood approaching, we, as Armenians, are encouraging the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations to support the Palestinian Statehood bid.

The struggle of Palestinians towards self determination, liberation, and statehood is a righteous and a just struggle. As Armenians, we are familiar with struggles for justice and for self determination. There are many parallels which can be drawn between the history of Armenians and that of Palestinians. From the commonalities coming out of the Armenian Genocide and the Palestinian Nakba, to the liberation movement in Karabakh, the underlying principles are the same. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Moreover, the Palestinians have been negotiating for some 20 years while seeing more and more of their land occupied, their homes and fields destroyed. Israel has no intention for peace agreement with Palestine; their foreign minister has announced it publicly. Therefore the international recognition for statehood is an important step towards concrete action on this issue.

We all know that the Israeli statements of their aim to recognize the Armenian Genocide are untrue and are attempts to treat us as political pawns. They have no interest to share the privileges they have because of the Holocaust, and wish to maintain Holocaust uniqueness. They are simply trying to use the tragedy to their advantage. Besides the facts of the Pro-Israeli lobbyists in the United States blocking Genocide recognition, Israel is also continuing to arm and supply Azerbaijan with weapons that are in turn used against our people in Karabakh.

It is also important to point out the historic relations between Armenia and the Arabic countries as well as Iran. As we can see from history, it has been the Arabs and the Iranians who have protected our people and whom we have built friendships with. We recall the fatwa issued by the Sherif of Mecca in 1917, as Armenian refuges were flooding into the region, which called upon Arab Muslims “To help them [Armenians] in all of their affairs and defend them as you would defend yourselves, your properties and children.” Such historical friendships and relations cannot be broken.

We are convinced that it is time the world recognized a sovereign state of Palestine.  It is a way of helping restore the dignity of the Palestinian people and giving them a voice at the international table. We believe it is now time to start the process for recognition of a Palestinian State. At the very least it will likely speed up the peace negotiations. Ideally, it will result in some greater maturity, compassion and balance in negotiations. The use of a veto by any UN party will be unhelpful. It is time for Armenia not to remain neutral or indifferent, but to uphold the principles of justice and self determination.

“To go or not to go that is the question,

Whether to suffer the measures of occupation

The outrageous checkpoints and wall of separation

Whether to indulge in futile negotiations

Or take our case to the United Nations,

To go or not to go is NO MORE THE QUESTION.”


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